Crash information Z8838 Middenmeer

During World War II more than 40 different bombers and jet fighters have crashed within de county borders of Hollands Kroon. The crashes were mostly on land, in the Ijssel lake and the Wadden sea.

Few crew members were arrested after using their parachute to reach the ground, others could flee with the help of the Resistance. However, the majority lost their lives and did not return home safely to their family and loved ones.

Information about the unveiling of the remembrance post for this crash

This remembrance post was unveiled on October 9th 2021

Location of this remembrance post

Crash of Vickers Wellington Mk IC Z8838 KX-Z of 311 Squadron at the Molenweg near Middenmeer

Crash information

In the evening of 11 April 1942 at 22.01 the Vickers bombers took off from East Wretham airport. The goal of this mission was the city of Essex. All crewmembers were from then Czechoslovakia. On its way to Essex the aircraft was shot by a German night hunter. Responsible for this was Oberlieutenant Helmut Lent.  He had taken off from Leeuwarden airport.


The aircraft flew burning through the sky after which it crashed at the Molenweg. All six crew members lost their lives and were buried at the military honour cemetery of Huisduinen. Currently, they are buried in a joint grave at the  Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery nearby Bergen op Zoom.

The crew

Josef Kalenský



25 years old


Karel Kodeš


2nd pilot

21 years old


Karel Rychnovský

Flying Officer


23 years old


Jan Peprníček


Radio operator

22 years old


Josef Politzer



28 years old


Josef Hrdina

Flight Sergeant


30 years old


Photos of the commemoration on April 11, 2022

Commemoration Czechoslovak crew Wellington bomber April 11th, 2022

This year it is 80 years ago that a Wellington bomber crashed on the land of the Bakker family, the then land user. In October 2021 we placed a remembrance post for the crew. On this page you will find all information about this event, the crew, the location of the remembrance post, photos, reports and press releases.

A commemoration for these crew members was held on 11 April 2022 with great interest. About 50 people attended the commemoration. Invited and interested parties gathered at Brasserie Wings near Middenmeer airport. The speeches of our chairman Mark Hakvoort and representatives of the Czech and Slovak embassies spoke about the event of eighty years ago, but also reflected on the war in Ukraine, now so close to home. A special welcome was given to Mr, Pavel Holomek, Ms. Gabriella Holomek and Paul Holomek, relatives of the copilot of the crashed plane.

After the speeches, the group left for the remembrance post on the Molenweg where Dirk Bak performed The Last Post and the two national anthems. The veterans Hollands Kroon were again well represented. Mayor van Dam of Hollands Kroon addressed the visitors and emphasized the importance of continuing to commemorate. Ten posts have now been placed and unveiled, with about thirty more to follow. Two minutes of silence was observed in memory of the crew members. Finally, wreaths were laid at the remembrance post by Mr. Jozef KUŠLITA from the Slovak Embassy, Mr. Cenek Hajny of the Czech embassy, the veterans Hollands Kroon, the Holomek family, mayor van Dam, Willy de Bruin - Bakker and Harry Doesburg.

NH Nieuws made a report of this day with photos and video.

Photos of the unveiling

Reports and press

Impressive unveiling of remembrance post Z8838 at Middenmeer on October 9, 2021

october 9, 2021 - Amid great interest, remembrance post Z8838 was unveiled on 9 October. Willy de Bruin-Bakker performed the official act under the watchful eye of local residents and many other interested parties.

This sunny Saturday afternoon started in Wieringerwerf, where guests were offered coffee and cake by the Historisch Genootschap Wieringermeer in De Cultuurschuur. There were also previously excavated parts on display that were made available to our foundation earlier this week by Wim Braak. In De Cultuurschuur, speeches were given by representatives of the Czech and Slovak embassies, Katerina Sequensova and Jozef Kušlita. Fred de Vries also spoke on behalf of the Historisch Genootschap Wieringermeer and Harry Doesburg on behalf of 311 Squadron Association from England. The organization of this day was in the hands of the chairman of our foundation, Mark Hakvoort.

After the meeting in De Cultuurschuur, the group left for the place where the memorial post was unveiled, the Molenweg near Middenmeer. Mark emphasized here how important it is that we continue to remember and that the heroes who fought for our freedom should never be forgotten. The names of the six young men who fell on the Molenweg were mentioned. They were between 21 and 30 years old when their Wellington bomber was shot down by a German night fighter.

The unveiling ceremony was impressive. Dirk Bak blew the Czech and Slovak anthems with his trumpet, and a minute's silence was held after "The Last Post". The presence of no fewer than eleven veterans from Hollands Kroon and Schagen, led by Dirk Doornik, made it a beautiful ceremony.

Mayor of Hollands Kroon, Rian van Dam, made it clear in her speech that the six crew members who died are real heroes who gave their lives for our freedom, and many others with them.


Our foundation Herdenkingspalen Hollands Kroon is proud that we once again had so many visitors this afternoon. Not only (former) residents of the Molenweg and Schagerweg, but also the Historical Associations of, among others, De Wieringermeer, Wieringen, Medemblik and Hoogwoud were represented. The purpose of our foundation is to commemorate and not to forget, this afternoon certainly contributed to that. The Czech media, Czech TV and Czech Radio and Slovak TV have also played an important role in this.


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