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Our foundation in the news

Juni 2020

SHKK receives a cheque form Wind fund Wieringermeer

We are very proud that just recently we have received the generous contribution of €6000-, out of the Wind Fund Wieringermeer. On June 3, 2020 the board of the foundation Windloket handed over the cheque to the board members of our foundation. Everything is recorded in this short film clip.

All this was reason for the Noordhollands Dagblad to have an interview with Chris and place an article on June 15th newspaper.

Mei 2020

Chris and Mark in NH-news about the monuments tour.

NH published an interesting article, including a short clip, about the new monuments tour. Chris Dijkhoorn and Mark Hakvoort talk about the importance of remembering the pilots and crew members who have fought for our freedom.

Maart 2020

Contribution Mondriaan fund

Recently, the board of this foundation has applied for a contribution out of the Mondrian fund. The public stimulation fund for visual arts and cultural heritage. We are very proud to inform you that the board of the Mondriaan fund has approved our application positively and has assigned funding to us, which will enable us to reach our goals; the placing of remembrance posts, collecting and sharing of the stories behind the crashes and remembering their crew members.

April 2020

No unveiling but in the news

The Noordhollands Dagblad has published an article in which it focuses on 75-year liberation and to all the preparation taken for a big celebration. On 5 May, due to the Covid-19 virus, there are not 10 remembrance posts as planned. In the article mayor Rian van Dam poses in front of one of our two posts, placed last year

Oktober 2019

Official unveiling of the 2nd remembrance post

On 25 October 2019, the remembrance post for Ivan R Moon was placed and unveiled at Vatrop. The ceremony took place at the junction of the Vatropperroad and the Gemenelanserooad. NH-news report was present to cover this story.

September 2019

The official unveiling of our first remembrance post is a fact.

On 14 September 2019, t the exact same spot where the crew of an English Whitley bomber died in 1941, the first remembrance post was placed. Eventually there will around 40 posts which will keep the stories of the deceased men alive. NH news reported extensively on this event.

April 2019

The establishment of SHHK in the media

On 18 April 2019 NH news reported on the establishment of Foundation Remembrance posts Hollands Kroon. Click here for a representation.

April 2019

De establishment of SHHK in the media

On 17 April 2019 Medemblik Actueel publishes an interview with Mark and Chris on their YouTube-channel. The interview is about the establishment of the foundation.