Crash information JN884 Slootdorp

During World War II more than 40 different bombers and jet fighters have crashed within de county borders of Hollands Kroon. The crashes were mostly on land, in the Ijssel lake and the Wadden sea.

Few crew members were arrested after using their parachute to reach the ground, others could flee with the help of the Resistance. However, the majority lost their lives and did not return home safely to their family and loved ones.

Information about the unveiling of the remembrance post for this crash

This remembrance post has been unveiled on April 16th, 2022

Location of this remembrance post

Halifax MKII

Engelse bommenwerper Halifax MKII

Crash information

The evening of 25 July 1943 at 22:39h the English Halifax bomber took off from Lissett airport

The 3rd mission for the crew who were led by pilot, Kenneth Larkin.

That night Larkin and his six crewmembers flew with 704 other bombers to the Kruppfactories in Essen. The following morning the Halifax didn’t return to Lissett airport and the entire crew was reported as missing. It was on the  way there that the bomber was shot out of the sky by a German night hunter at 00.17h. The six fallen crew members were buried that same day on the general cemetery of Middenmeer.

Only Jack Loudoun was able to get out of the burning plane in time by using his parachute just seconds before it exploded. Miraculously, he survived that crash and the war.

The crew

Kenneth Richard Larkin



22 years old


James Stewart


Flight engineer

20 years old


Percy Fisher Watson

Flyer Sergeant


28 years old


Edward Raymond Bray


Bomb aimer

20 years old


Roy Desmond Raven


Radio officer

21 years old


Ronald Joseph Wyatt-Matthews



33 years old


Jock Ernst Loudoun



21 years old


Photos of the unveiling

Reports and press

Loudoun family present at Dolfijnweg unveiling


April 16, 2022. With more than 100 interested parties at the unveiling of the remembrance post at the Dolfijnweg on April 16, it appears once again that the stories and memories of the events of the Second World War are still alive. That is nice to see, after all it is one of the objectives of our foundation.


At the Dolfijnweg, at the farm of the Juurlink family, invited guests and interested parties gathered where the coffee and tea were provided by Marlies and Reinier Woudstra. The barn was set up as a reception and presentation room especially for this occasion. The interest in what happened in WWII around crashed planes in the Wieringermeerpolder arose for Mark Hakvoort, our chairman, because of what happened here. In his presentation, Mark showed pictures of the crew members of the Halifax JN884, told anecdotes, and with enthusiasm Mark told, sometimes in detail, what happened on July 26, 1943. A special welcome was given to the Loudoun family. Dave Loudoun is the son of tail gunner Jock Loudon who was the only crew member to survive the crash, he died in 2003. Dave came to the Netherlands for this occasion together with his wife Jane. Grandson Tom Loudoun performed the official unveiling of the remembrance post. In 1979 Jock Loudoun and his wife Vera were in the Wieringermeer. Piet Terpstra, then deputy mayor, arranged the reception of Jock and Vera. Piet Terpstra has since passed away, but his wife Ria and son Alex were also present today. In addition to Mark's presentation, there were speeches by the mayor of Hollands Kroon, Rian van Dam and the deputy head of mission of New Zealand, Hannah Frost.


On this beautiful spring day, the group then went outside for the official unveiling of the remembrance post. Dirk Bak blew the national anthems of England and New Zealand. The presence of no fewer than fourteen veterans, led by Dick Doornik, completed this ceremony.

At the war graves in the cemetery in Middenmeer, Dirk Bak blew The Last Post and flowers and wreaths were laid by the Loudon family, the Veterans, the Embassy of New Zealand, the Freedom Flame Foundation (Edith van de Bovenkamp), the neighbors and former residents of the Dolfijnweg and Praamweg (Juurlink family, Hoitink family, Woudstra family, Hakvoort family, Sijtsma-Spits family and Scholten family) and the Wieringermeer Historical Society (Jan Wouts, Fred de Vries and Roellie Schiere). Mayor Rian van Dam of the municipality of Hollands Kroon also laid a wreath at the war graves. A wreath was laid by Tess Hakvoort on behalf of Sue and Alan Riddell, family of James Stewart (the flight engineer of the crashed Halifax).

After the ceremonies, funeral services Wieringermeer offered the opportunity to conclude with coffee or tea.


The board of Stichting Herdenkingspalen Hollands Kroon would like to thank everyone who was present on this day and who contributed to this impressive and unforgettable event. In addition, we would like to express our appreciation for our mayor who has a warm heart for our foundation and our goals and who is always present at our commemorations and unveilings.

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Report HN Nieuws

Family James Stewart visits remembrance post and cemetery Middenmeer

James Stewart was a flight engineer on the Halifax JN884 which crashed at the Dolfijnweg near Slootdorp on 26 July 1943. On April 16, 2022, we unveiled a remembrance post for the crew of this aircraft. The family of Jock Ernst Loudoun, gunner aboard this aircraft, was present at this unveiling.

On July 9, 2022, Mark Hakvoort, our chairman, received family members of James Stewart. Alan (son of James' sister) and Sue Riddel were in the Netherlands and visited the remembrance post at the Dolfijnweg. In addition, they laid flowers at Stewart's grave in the cemetery in Middenmeer. It was an emotional and beautiful experience according to Alan and Sue.