Crash information V8325 Amstelmeer

During World War II more than 40 different bombers and jet fighters have crashed within de county borders of Hollands Kroon. The crashes were mostly on land, in the Ijssel lake and the Wadden sea.

Few crew members were arrested after using their parachute to reach the ground, others could flee with the help of the Resistance. However, the majority lost their lives and did not return home safely to their family and loved ones.

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Beaufighter Mk If V8325 WM-A 68 Squadron Amstelmeer

Information about the crash

On February 18, 1943 at 9:05 PM, Beaufighter V8325 took off from Coltishall airfield for a Ranger operation on the island of Vlieland. The plane was shot down by Flak above Texel around 11:03 p.m. Squadron Leader Winward made an emergency landing at high speed on the Amstelmeer.

He fell unconscious during the crash and regained consciousness when the plane was at the bottom of the Amstelmeer. He managed to swim to the surface and hoist himself into the dinghy. Later he was towed away in his dinghy by a boat. The crash left him with a broken arm and a paralyzed hand. Flying Officer Wood was less lucky and was unable to get out of the plane. He washed up in the port of De Haukes a few days later. After first being buried with military honors in Huisduinen, he was reburied in Bergen op Zoom after the war.

The crew

William Dudley Winward

Squadron Leader


27 years old

United Kingdom

Charles Kenneth Wood

Flying Officer


23 years old

United Kingdom