Crash information NT918 Wieringerwaard

During World War II more than 40 different bombers and jet fighters have crashed within de county borders of Hollands Kroon. The crashes were mostly on land, in the Ijssel lake and the Wadden sea.

Few crew members were arrested after using their parachute to reach the ground, others could flee with the help of the Resistance. However, the majority lost their lives and did not return home safely to their family and loved ones.

Information about the remembrance post

This remembrance post was unveiled on july 15, 2023

Location of this remembrance post

Bristol Beaufighter TF.X

Crash information

On January 17, 1945, this aircraft took off at 12:42 am from the English airfield of North Coates. A total of 32 Beaufighters and 23 Spitfires took part in this anti-shipping mission, including the two Beaufighters that crashed into each other above Wieringerwaard. The target was a convoy in front of the port of Den Helder.

During the attack, the aircraft was hit in both engines by anti-aircraft fire from ships in the convoy. Pilot Gaunt was able to make a controlled emergency landing. He and the navigator emerged from the plane unharmed. Both were eventually arrested and ended up in a prisoner of war camp in Germany and they both survived the war.

De bemanning

David Winston Gaunt

Flying Officer


24 years old


Ronald Chrisp

Flight Sergeant


24 years old

United Kingdom

Photos of the unveiling

Reports and press

Unveiling of the 21st remembrance post in Wieringerwaard

On July 15, 2023, our 21st remembrance post was unveiled in memory of a special event in Wieringerwaard. On January 17, 1945, pilot David Winston Gaunt made an emergency landing with his Bristol Beaufighter NT918. Although he and his navigator Ronald Chrisp survived the crash, they were captured by the occupying forces.

For this special ceremony, the pilot's two sons, Bruce and Geoff Gaunt, came over from Canada, along with their wives Julie and Rosemary.

All guests were warmly welcomed in the White Church in Wieringerwaard, which previously served as a base for other unveilings. Chris Dijkshoorn welcomed everyone with a special welcome to the family of the pilot from Canada, Colonel Marc LaFortune and Sergeant Nicole Mitchell from the Canadian Embassy, Mayor Rian van Dam, all veterans and our loyal trumpeter Dirk Bak. There were also former residents of the crash site and representatives of the 4 May Foundation Wieringerwaard.

After Chris's opening speech, all guests made their way to the Kruisweg for the unveiling ceremony. Before the unveiling took place, mayor Rian van Dam spoke impressive words about the importance of continuing to remember, especially now that freedom seems obvious to our generation while a war is raging so close by.

Colonel Marc LaFortune indicated that he was deeply impressed by how the Netherlands commemorates the Second World War and emphasized that it is special that the Netherlands is the only country where Canada is seen as a liberator.

The remembrance post was unveiled by Bruce and Geoff Gaunt. While Dirk Bak played the national anthems of the United Kingdom and Canada, the ten veterans present gave a salute. Dirk also blew the beautiful "The Airman's Hymn". Mayor Rian van Dam laid a wreath on behalf of the Municipality of Hollands Kroon. Colonel LaFortune and Sergeant Mitchell did the same on behalf of the Canadian Embassy.

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Video report Regio Noordkop by Harm Brouwer