Crash information 41-6587 P-47 C Thunderbolt, Vatrop

During World War II more than 40 different bombers and jet fighters have crashed within de county borders of Hollands Kroon. The crashes were mostly on land, in the Ijssel lake and the Wadden sea.

Few crew members were arrested after using their parachute to reach the ground, others could flee with the help of the Resistance. However, the majority lost their lives and did not return home safely to their family and loved ones.

Information about the remembrance post

This remembrance post was unveiled on October 25th 2019

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Republic P-47 C Thunderbolt

Crash information

On Wednesday morning 3 November 1943 the American USAAF Republic Thunderbolt hunter type P-47, aircraft serial number 41-6587 QP-M took off from Debden Airport in England. On board was pilot Ivan Moon. Throughout England 500 bombers took off that morning of which 18 fighter aircrafts of the 334 Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Group. Their job was to protect American bombers against attacks from German hunters. These bombers had to bomb shipyards and submarine bunkers in Wilhelmshaven.

Above the Dutch Waddensea, American air forces got into a fight with the German Luftwaffe. At 12.40h Moon’s aircraft crashed at Vatrop after an fierce aerial battle which was visible from the ground in Wieringen. The fighter aircraft hit into the ground, right behind a double house. Pilot Moon died in this crash.

The Thunderbolt was shot by a German Hunter of Jagdgeschwader3.

The forgotten pilot

On the website of Historisch Wieringen, the article "De vergeten vlieger van Vatrop" written by Jan Wessels extensively discusses pilot Ivan R.Moon and the crash at Vatrop. (Dutch)

De bemanning

Ivan Royal Moon

1st Lieutenant


20 jaar

Verenigde Staten

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Official unveiling of the 2nd remembrance post

On 25 October 2019, the remembrance post for Ivan R Moon was placed and unveiled at Vatrop. The ceremony took place at the junction of the Vatropperroad and the Gemenelanserooad. NH-news report was present to cover this story.